Modelling and correlating data that is already collected by the client

Our powerful intelligent data analysis enables the creation of robust models.
These models enable a wide range of tools including simulations, forecasting, testing what-if-scenarios, cost model dashboards, etc. Click on the airport photo to see a demo.

Airport Busy Shopping Centre


DMU Digital for Industry


Forecasting are made using the models with the correct data and produce further cost models and what-if-scenarios.


Our technology enable us to model further, i.e. the uncertainty of the forecasting so that we know what variabiliy to expect in real life.


In airports, the Q-Alert tool is specific to each airport site. Using data that is already available to the airport, and currently exists on site, Q-Alert is able to accurately forecast passenger demand weeks and months in advance. This makes Q-Alert unique as it is not dependent on any other product or additional hardware being installed. This eliminates the need for the capital purchase of hardware and the associated installation costs.

By modelling and correlating these available data sets , the resources in the security area (e.g. staff, X-Ray machines, Metal Detectors, etc) are able to be managed more efficiently thereby reducing queuing times and increasing flow into the departure lounge. Using the security enabled Q-Alert portal, the various airport teams - operations, security, retail, etc - can access this information in one central reporting package allowing them to forecast requirements and monitor their performance against key SLAs. Having access to the same sets of data in one location makes it easier for the relevant teams to make budgeting decisions and for management to report on progress against budgets.

Forecast Flow Chart


Navgis, M2M and Venuesim's participation at the Andevip fair, Mexico

Navgis, M2M and Venuesim participaded at the Andevip fair in Mexico City, 14th-17th August, Mexico

NavGIS is presenting our technological solutions in Cybersecurity, Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence.

Navgis showcases M2M and Venuesim's technologies at the Women in Security Summit, Cartagena

Navgis showcases M2M and Venuesim's technologies at the Women in Security Summit, during 1st and 2nd in Cartagena, Colombia

COLADCA and Navgis showcases M2M and Venuesim's technologies at the ALAS summit, Miami

Miami June 2019. The ALAS Summit (Cumbre ALAS) has been for 8 years the space for networking, updating and professionalizing the Security Sector. Two days of congress to bring together the Leading Professionals and main Brands of security in the Americas.

Cumbre ALAS

Northrop Grumman Highlights ARC Capabilities at Airport IT&T Conference, Munich

LONDON Oct. 2012. Northrop Grumman airport systems group is participating in the Airport IT&T Conference, Munich, where it will demonstrate its ARC suite. ARC technical expert Dr. Mario Gongora, will speak as part of a keynote discussion panel on The Airport of the Future.

Oct 2012 news release, NG

Artificial intelligence and predictive modelling: can an airport think?

Could tomorrow's airport systems predict passenger flows in advance, in order to alleviate the chaos of day-to-day operations? Chris Lo finds out about a pioneering AI system which could lead the way to the semi-sentient airport of the future.

May 2012 news article in Airport Technology

VenueSim signs teaming agreement with Northrop Grumman Europe-based airport systems group:

Northrop Grumman's airport systems group has expanded its Airport Realtime Collaboration (ARC) portfolio to include new capabilities in passenger flow forecasting and queue time management through VeneueSim.

The new ARC passenger flow module can give airport operators and security partners far better accuracy in their long and medium term planning and also early warning of unexpected changes in passenger flow rates.

press releases

VenueSim pioneers new software tool to get passengers holidays from East Midlands Airport off to a flying start:

In a first for UK airports, VenueSim and East Midlands Airport are using innovative technology to predict future trends and improve the start to passenger's holidays.

East Midlands Airport prides itself on ensuring that its passengers have a stress free journey through its terminal and VenueSim are helping the airport to go one step further to help ease the journey through security.

Full October 2010 press release

VenueSim was asked to present Q-Alert at the Airports Council International (ACI) Europe Facilitation & Customer Service Committee meeting in Nice on the 6th May 2010.

This event was attended by many senior airport personnel from across Europe who are interested in hearing about best practice within the airport sector.

As improvements in passenger flows and customer service levels are top priorities for airports - and hence ACI - Q-Alert is seen as an ideal product to help make improvements in both areas. Headquartered in Geneva ACI is a non-profit-making organisation representing over 1,530 airports in 175 countries and territories worldwide. It is the only worldwide professional association of airport operators.

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VenueSim was selected to present at the Connect Midlands Showcase Event on the 26th November 2009 held at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham.

The event, organised by Connect Midlands, was aimed at investors from around the country. It allows them to get access to some of the region's top innovative companies who are looking for next stage investment.

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VenueSim was chosen to present at the INSTINCT Technology Demonstrator Showcase in London on the 26th and 27th November 2009.

The event is aimed at Government, law enforcement and commercial organisations interested in potential security applications of technology.

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